Sunday, 3 February 2019

Snow. The Dude And A Blow Torch

The Dude loves nothing more on a morning than sitting on the couch, drinking his chocolate milk and staring out the window.

The Current View From The Window

I have to admit, I often wonder what goes through that quirky mind of his when he's having this rare quiet time. This morning I got a little insight...
The Dude: "We need a big blow torch... like, BIG big!

I think this is what he had in mind!
Myself, Big Daddy and La-la all looked at him.
"What do YOU want a blow torch for?" I asked - almost afraid to hear the answer.
"Well, it's like this," he announced, "I see all these people shoveling snow and they've got it all wrong. What they need are giant blow torches and they can just melt that shit away and stay warm while they're doing it!"

He concluded this announcement with one of his big smiley faces - as if to say that's another problem solved for the world! 😁

The Dude & His Smiley Face!

Dude solutions - always unique and effective if not exactly safe or environmentally friendly! 😂

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