Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wardrobe Wars - Let Battle Commence!

The Mad Mammy was delighted to bag myself some Black Friday deals over the weekend - and so was my daughter!

"Ooooh," she squealed when I was modelling one of my buys, "you need to take that off."
I removed it immediately, thinking there was something wrong with it.

I then watched it disappear into her bedroom and have had to watch her wear it ever since!
Photo of cardigan with fleece hood
One Of My Bargain Buys and The Much
Coveted Cardigan!
Now, I had kinda expected this sort of thing to happen when she's a bit older... If it's going to happen at all - I mean let's face it - I hardly expect a teenager to even notice what her mother is wearing! Especially a geriatric mother like me. However, I certainly wasn't prepared for an eleven year old to snaffle my stuff. 

I have to admit, part of me is a bit chuffed - I feel like trendy mom whose kid wants to wear her clothes 😁 Then a little voice says, "don't be delusional, she's eleven years old and you're still pretty much the centre of her universe. Give it another year and you'll be the most embarrassing thing on the planet." 

So, I decided to just go with this unexpected turn of events for the moment and accept the fact that, for the foreseeable future, I may have to rifle through her wardrobe to find my things. And then yesterday she came home wondering if she could get a pair of Ugg boots. She very quickly got a reality check instead. However, I agreed she could get a pair of boots similar to Uggs but without the exorbitant price tag.

A few hours later she was the very happy and very proud owner of a pair of SoftMoc boots (that look just like the Uggs!) and it turns out my daughter now has the same size foot as meπŸ˜ƒ It was with great delight I told her she needed to take her boots off. She was a bit confused at first but then somewhat perplexed as I proceeded to prance around the kitchen in them declaring how comfy they are!
Photo of brown coloured SoftMoc Boots
The Very Comfy SoftMoc Boots!

This morning I found my cardigan on my bed - the message was clear - I'll leave your clothes alone if you stay away from my boots! Ha ha ha! It looks like the wardrobe wars have begun!