Saturday, 7 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day

They found me this morning, in my office, with a cup of coffee and getting a bit of work done before they insist I relax and "do nothing" today on my special day!

Then they scurried off to wherever they had their little surprises hidden and came back, their gorgeous faces aglow with happiness.

I opened La-la's first.  A beautiful handmade card, bookmark and necklace telling me to, "Enjoy The Little Things."

Handmade Card with flowers and love hearts saying happy mother's day
Handmade By La-La
Handwritten message on pendant saying, "Enjoy The Little Things."
The Necklace

The Dude was jumping from foot to foot with excitement! I took his gifts of little handmade boxes and a notebook thinking that was it but the true gift was in the inside pages of the notebook.

"Open it! Open it!" he exclaimed!

I did and I found a list of words.  Not just any old words but a list of words about how I make him feel.  Here they are:

"Happy. Joyful. Glad. Delighted. Loved. Believed. Gleeful. Angry (sometimes but not that much!) Excited. Thrilled. Supported. Cared For. Cheerful. Surprised. Powered Up! Super. Terrific. Magnificent. Brilliant. Awesome. Cool."

I was floored!

And then I looked up and saw the love and joy beaming out from their beautiful faces.  These two little beings - so happy that I am their mother.  And I at once felt humbled and tiny and all-powerful and ready to take on the world.

Child's Drawing Of Her Mum With The Words, Best Mum Ever, And Sequins As Clouds
How La-la And The Dude See Me

Being a mum will challenge you in ways you never dreamed of but it also means being loved in a way you can't possibly ever imagine.

To all the amazing mums out there, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.  Enjoy.

Text of child's handwriting sayin Happy Mother's Day