Monday, 18 December 2017

A Spark In The Night!

It's been a most interesting 24 hours at Mad Mammy Towers. My amazing electricity blasting powers worked again and I managed to plunge half the house into darkness!

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I Be Like Storm!

This also meant the heating wasn't working - which wouldn't have been so bad if the temperature hadn't been minus 4!

So, having got the kiddies to bed (buried under extra duvets and fleecy blankets) I turned the fire on and wrapped myself in a fleecy throw and plonked myself on the couch and promptly fell into a semi-coma.

I was jolted from my slumber by someone banging on the front door at 1 am! I thought it was the local fire crew, here to tell me the house was on fire but it was the technician from the local power company - here to check the power supply - at 1 am! These Canadians don't hang about!

The Power Truck - Outside The House At 1 am!

He left around 2 am - assuring me the supply to the house was fine - that the problem lay inside the house somewhere...

The morning consisted of two children making their way around the house like a King & Queen of old with the fleecy blankets trailing after them like grand velvet cloaks. I finally got them fed and dressed and out the door to find my car encased in ice!

I got over that hurdle and got them to school, came back and found a lovely man waiting for me. He told me he was here "to fix my problems." Ha ha ha! If he only knew! For a moment I wondered if he was the electrician or perhaps an early Christmas present sent from God and all my problems were indeed going to be solved. Turns out he was the electrician.

And he proved to be a very efficient one at that! Half an hour later power had been restored and the lovely gentleman was wishing me a happy Christmas as he made his slippery way back to his car. I waved him off and couldn't help musing to myself how nice it would have been if all my problems were so easily solved! 😃