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I'm a woman of a certain age who was lucky enough to become a mum before the fertility door finally banged shut! Thankfully, as luck would have it, I managed "one of each" so I have a fabulous daughter and an incredible son.  My little girl is eight years old and my son is six.  They refer to each other as Lala and The Dude respectively so I see no reason why I should call them anything else on this blog.  

I thought I'd start this blog years ago - idyllic images of a contented baby sleeping in her crib in the corner and me sipping from a freshly brewed coffee as I typed away, were a major part of the fantasy I had conjured up as my future life as a mum.  Suffice to say the fantasy was crushed by reality.  Therefore, the years spent knee-high in nappies, vomit, flying poos, endless bottles, dashes to the emergency department, and all those exciting things that come with being a new mum will not be detailed on this blog.  I was simply too far down in the trenches to get my head above ground and locate my computer!  Indeed, I thought I might have missed the "mummyblogger" boat but then I realised it's a job for life so I may as well crack out the old word processor.

I hail from the West Coast Of Ireland and by virtue of the fact I gave birth, I can now call myself that most revered and feared of things, "The Irish Mammy"!!!  Anyone, who has one will know what I am talking about.  The "Irish Mammy" is a formidable creature who loves her children ferociously and has special powers.  Check out "Nine Things Only An Irish Mammy Can Teach You" at www.thedailyedge.ie to find out more.

My journey through motherhood so far has been one hell of an adventure and little things like premature birth, the constant threat of penury (thank you global financial crisis) and moving around the world (to avoid the afore-mentioned penury) have not made it any easier.  Hence, welcome to the world of The (ever so slightly) Mad Mammy.

P.S. I don't really know what I'm doing on the technical front so bear with me....

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