Friday, 24 June 2016

The Things We Do!

The Dude took me aside yesterday evening and with his most solemn face took a hold of my hand and explained he had something big to ask of me. I looked into his huge, hypnotic eyes wondering what on earth was coming next.  
He took a deep breath, glanced at the floor, then back at me and let it out.
"I need you to bake some brownies for the Italian celebration at school tomorrow."
Photo of two chocolate brownies on a white background
The Dude be looking for some of these!

He squeezed my hand for effect, as if the plea in his eyes wasn't enough.
I inhaled sharply.
La-la looked on - shocked.
I should mention that the kitchen is not where I shine... and I find baking particularly erm... challenging...
The Dude stood there looking like the decision to go on with the rest of his life or not rested on my answer.
"Me?" I squawked.
He nodded his head. I'm not sure if he could have squeezed any more solemnity into his expression.
I looked at La-la.
She returned my horrified expression.
I looked back to the Dude.
"Do you think that's such a good idea?" I asked him.
"Yeah," La-la announced, "do you think that's such a good idea?"
The Dude slowly turned his head and looked at his sister.
"I'm not sure," he admitted, "but everyone else is going to be bringing something in so this is my only hope..."
He then proceeded to look at the floor, still holding my hand.

This kid is good.

"Okay," I informed him, "I'll give it a go, but only if we have the necessary ingredients here."
He beamed at me.
"Oh we do!" he declared and ran to the cupboard whereupon he produced a packet of Woolworth's Brownie Mix.
I fixed him with a suspicious look.
"Oh imagine that," I announced, "we just happen to have a brownie mix in the house."
The Dude's face split into a grin.
"Yeah, we do," he laughed.

Three eggs, a lump of butter and forty-five minutes later we had a brownie cake and a very happy little boy as he and his sister licked the bowl clean.
photo of chocolate brownie cake
Chocolate Brownie Cake

He headed off to school this morning with quite possibly the least fancy offering of all for the Italian celebration but there was an extra pep in his step and a bit more puff in his chest at the fact that this time he could proudly announce his mammy had baked brownies!
Black and white photo of young boy with money and a chef's hat
Happy Little Boy With His Euros
All Ready To Buy The Goodies!
Oh the things we do!