Monday, 4 April 2016

Two Girls And Their Tits!

Okay, a few weeks ago Kim Kardashian posted a pic of herself in her bathroom, naked, her modesty (?) preserved by a pair of well placed black bars .  I, along with a lot of other people, had a lot to say about this particular photo.  And whereas I reserve Kim's right to do whatever she wants with her body and share as many naked snaps of it as she likes, I have to say I fell unequivocally into the Better Midler camp and thought, "really?  another naked selfie?  All alone in your bathroom?  Is it not getting a little boring by now?  A little sad even?"

Colour photo of a blonde haired Bette Midler in a black chiffon dress
The Divine Miss M

Judging by Kim's inflamed responses apparently she doesn't think so.  And then the other day herself and her bestie, Emily Ratajkowski, go ahead and post a pic of the two of them naked from their waists up, their breasts covered by the obligatory black bar and the two of them flipping the bird to the world.

Ratajkowski & Kardashian

Apparently this photo was all about female empowerment, and in responding to criticism, Emily Ratajkowski had this to say - "'We are more than just our bodies but that doesn't mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality."

I'm sorry but have I missed something?  Did I miss photos of either of these women being involved in charity work?  Did I miss either of these women using the huge followings they have to further the cause of women affected by life-crushing issues such as poverty, sexual violence and gender inequality?  Did I miss where either one of them produced a coherent, constructive analysis of the issues affecting women today?

I'm sorry Ms. Ratajkowski but when you and your pal Kim make it all about your bodies - all the damn time - then I'm afraid we can draw no other conclusion other than you are just your bodies for we have no other evidence to go on.  Furthermore, since when were either of you "shamed" for your Hollywood physiques?

I doubt if anyone has snorted behind you as you approached a buffet.  I doubt if anyone has shouted, "quick get to the food before Ratajkowski!" I doubt if anyone has laughed openly at you as you changed out of your swimming costume in the changing rooms.  I doubt if you know the real meaning of being "shamed" for your physical appearance.

So excuse me if I think your rally cry for female empowerment rings strangely hollow and if your actions speak louder to me than your words.  I see a photo of two incredibly beautiful women involved in an act of gratuitous self-promotion and that I am afraid is it, no matter how you might like to dress it up.

When I see photos of you involved in activities other than promoting yourself then I might be more inclined to listen to what you have to say about female empowerment but until then I'll take my lead on these matters from any number of women who choose to empower us all with their clothes on.