Saturday, 7 October 2017

Slime Time!

Here it is! The inaugural Mad Mammy video!

My kids (and it would seem nearly everybody else's) are obsessed with slime and have watched an inordinate amount of youtube videos on how to make the icky stuff.  And of course they have pestered me to make it at home - telling me that this youtuber makes it this way and that youtuber makes it that way!

Now, over the years I have tried to make various things from watching experts rustle them up in a video on youtube and I have failed spectacularly.  Most notably were my efforts at origami, a paper jetplane and Japanese Duridangu balls - the latter went way past epic fail!

And my experiences have taught me one thing - not all that glistens on youtube is real... I've noticed slick edits on certain videos where I suspect the perfect end product was inserted after a number of attempts to produce it.  Call me cynical but nobody gets it right all of the time and especially not when the cameras are rolling!  And then there's the glammy mammys who seem to be able to whip up all manner of things - chocolate brownies, slime and rainbow coloured cupcakes without so much as a drop of "stain forever" food colouring on their clothes or flour in their hair or shaving foam all over their perfectly presented kitchens.

It doesn't matter how many times I tell my kids that what they are seeing in all of these videos takes a lot of work and effort to get right and a number of goes in front of the camera - they think it all just happens. This means they, along with every other kid on the planet, think they can just record various aspects of their lives, stick the clips up on youtube, and become a "youtuber" and make shit-loads of money and never have to work a day in their lives!

So I set out to prove them wrong!And just as with my other youtube related adventures I failed spectacularly! It actually worked! Here's the video 😀

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