Friday, 26 May 2017

Jesus The Superhero!

The discussion regarding various educational options goes on here in Canada and I happened to mention one of the schools I was considering was a Catholic school. The ensuing carversation went like this:

La-la: "Hold up a minute there Mother - did you say, Catholic school?"

Me: "Why yes, Daughter, I did!"

La-la: "Nope, nope just nope! I know that gang - they'll have us praying all day!"

photo of young dark-haired girl praying
La-la Sees Herself Like This - All day!
Me: "Well you might have to learn a few prayers but that's hardly going to do you any harm is it?"

La-la: "Huh! That's what you think!"

She was about to say something else when the Dude jumped in - very excited!

The Dude: "Oh! Oh! Wait a minute! The Catholics! Aren't they the ones with Jesus! Oh my God! That guy's so cool! Isn't he the one with the superpowers?"

Nobody got a chance to answer as he immediately answered his own question without pausing for breath.

The Dude: "Yes! Yes! He is! He can fly and everything! And he died and came back to life again! That guys so coooooool!"

Cartoon like image of Jesus As A Superhero
I'm Thinking This Is How The Dude Sees Jesus!
And there you have it folks - I suppose you'd call that the power of Jesus - the ultimate superhero - at least according to the Dude. 😀

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