Tuesday, 6 May 2014

This Is What A Blog Looks Like When The Blogger Is A Tech-free Zone

Okaaaay,  so I suppose some of you have noticed by now that this here blog ain't quite as slick (to put it mildly.....) as practically all the other mummy blogs out there.  That's cos I'm a completely tech-free zone and I even created the blog itself by accident when I went tinkering around in Blogger.  And the reason I found myself in Blogger was because I was simply overwhelmed by all the choices of "themes" in Wordpress.  I mean, how can you ever pick one of them!  To be honest, I think the whole, "choose a Wordpress Theme", is pretty reflective of an increasing issue in our society - sometimes there is just so much choice the mind boggles and shuts down completely.  Unless you are a single woman looking for a man apparently - my pals on the front-line of that particular stage of life tell me there is little or no choice there at all!  Can it be true?

Anyhoo, now I've just spent a day trying to get one simple, "like The Mad Mammy on Facebook", widget on my page.  Seriously - a whole day!  So, I'm thinking if you like your blogs slick and stylish then you may want to move on and explore other options.  However, if you like your blogs real and maybe even a bit messy then stick around......  Basically, this blog reflects my whole approach to motherhood really - I'm just muddling through and hoping for the best.

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