Saturday, 10 May 2014

Cupcakes For Breakfast......It Must Be Mother's Day :-)

"Stay there Mummy," he whispered, "you're not allowed to get up yet."
"Okay," I acquiesced, "I'll try and stay here for another while, if I have to....."
The dude took his sister's hand and pointed his Dad towards the door, "we've got another 'aprise' for you," he announced, as he led them off in the direction of the kitchen.  I snuggled back into the comfort of the bed, now this is exactly how a Mother's Day is supposed to start!

To be fair, the "aprises" had been coming since Friday.  First up was a card, handmade by the dude himself and delivered with a shower of kisses, a bear-cub hug and the words,  "I'll love you forever mummy," whispered into my ear. Cue one mushy mummy outside the school-gates, barely able to find her way back to the car.  This was followed by a solemn promise that night as he fell asleep that he was going to make my mummy's day, "the best mummy's day ever!"  He was gutted the following morning to discover he had to wait a whole other day to put his plan into action.
Handmade Mother's Day Card Pink Love Heart Petals on a single stem and red background
The Card - A Simple But Effective Design!

Mother and son big smiles looking like the michelin family
Mum and Son - So Happy!

La-La kept the momentum up mind you with some artistic contributions of her own.

Black and White pencil drawing of supermum and super-daughter
Supermum - That's Me!

Pencil drawing of Queen Mom and castle
Queen Mamma!  Oh Yeah She Rules Baby!
I just love the "All hale Queen Mamma" - I can even get over the spelling......  I rule supreme it would seem. I may look slightly menacing in my queenie outfit but that's ok......  I'm sure that's the way I look every now and again.  And get a load of castle "I Love You",  how cool would it be to live there!

In the evening hubby lit up the back deck with candles and opened a bottle of bubbles and I started to wonder if there was going to be anything left for the actual day itself......But I needn't have worried,  I was awoken with the sharp edge of something sticking into my ribs and delighted giggles in my ears of, "open it, open it!"
"It" was a box of everything I needed for a good old pampering session and a gorgeous card.  The Dude jumped on top of me shouting for joy that it was finally "Mudda's Day!" and a hundred more kisses followed. He then led his sister and father away to get the final "aprise" ready.

"You can come down now," he shouted up the stairs and I took myself and my grumbling tummy in the direction of the delicious smell of vanilla coming from the kitchen.  There awaiting me were freshly baked cupcakes.  I had no idea, but apparently you can't possibly start "Mudda's Day" without them.  I'm not quite sure who was more excited about this "fact" me or the Dude.....
vanilla cupcakes
Breakfast Cupcake
I took my double shot latte and cupcakes out to the back deck that was dappled with early morning sunshine and watched as the Dude happily demolished two of his efforts.  His smile could have lit up all of Australia - "Happy Mudda's Day mommy" he grinned.  I smiled back at him, just about to burst.  As mums we tear through the days organising, cleaning, shopping, picking up, hanging things up,putting things away, cooking, juggling finances, comforting, homeworking, doing just about doing every bloody thing! And we wonder if anyone ever even notices....  And then one little boy puts his heart and soul into making one day as special as he can for his mummy and all the "doing" pales into insignificance at the love shining out  from his eyes.  I never imagined I'd have such a perfect Mother's Day morning as I've had today.  It might be the best one I'll ever get as it's going to take some topping - so I'm off now to enjoy the rest of it.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and feel as cherished and loved as you deserve xx The Mad (and glad) Mammy.

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