Monday, 6 October 2014

Into The West - The Homecoming Part Two

Anyone who lives in Ireland will tell you we have a little weather issue - it rains a lot.  However, the same people will tell you, when it doesn't rain - there is no other country in the world they would rather be.  Ireland is quite possibly the most beautiful country on the planet but when the sun shines it is simply spectacular and the west of Ireland in particular is sensational.  For it not to rain for five weeks in  a row is nothing short of miraculous and I will be forever grateful to have been in the country when she shimmered at her amazing best.  I'm going to let the photos say the rest.

minaun cliffs achill island with beautiful blue sky and candy floss clouds
The Minaun Cliffs, Achill Island
long shot of keel beach achill island with croghan mountain in the backgound
Keel Beach, Achill Island
pristine beach on achill island with flips flops to the forefront and beautiful golden sand and the atlantic ocean
Barr na gCappall, Achill Island
Volcano shaped slievemore mountain on achill island in ireland set against beautiful clear blue sky
An Sliabh Mor, Achill Island
blackface sheep crossing road in west of ireland
Keel beach in the foreground, Inisgalloon in the background, set against clear blue sky
Inisgalloon Island from Keel Beach
summer sunset on achill island, dark in the foreground, ornage, purple, pink and blue sky
Midnight Sunset
Golden sands and aquamarine waters of Keem Bay, Achill Island
Keem Bay, Achill Island

Beautiful pink dog rose in foreground with greenery of bush in the background
Wild Rose
intense golden and orange flames of a bonfire set against the dark of the night
Bonfire Night

boats in the bay achill island, shore and boats in the foreground and moutains in the background
Boats In The Bay

Croagh Patrick set against a blue sky with candy floss clouds and fields and sea to the foreground, white church on top is just about visible
The Holy Mountain - Croagh Patrick


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